Wednesday, March 14, 2007

About falling off the wagon

Every time I've dieted in the past, eventually I've stopped. "It's just too hard" or "There's too much going on in my life" I'd tell myself.

But the Shangri-La Diet is so easy. Wait an hour, take some oil, wait another hour. Impossible not to do, right?

"This time," I thought, "this time it's so easy I can do it forever."

Except, I couldn't. Various problems popped up, like the sinus infection. Vacations. Hectic schedules. Holidays.

And I found that if I wasn't paying attention, I could easily eat even when I wasn't hungry.

Right now, every thing is humming along nicely. But life has its own modus operandi, and that's to hide out around the corner and spring nasty little surprises on you.

Some of them you might have hunches about - spring pollen could very easily cause a relapse of the sinus infection. There's an upcoming trip to Spain. Work hasn't gotten any less busy - in fact, I've added responsibilities.

How will I handle it this time? I'd like to think I've learned.

But I'm pretty stubborn.

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