Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blog Not Dead Yet

I've just been on vacation.

I weighed myself on August 4 after an 8 day vacation and a 3 day visit with relatives.

I had gained a half pound. Yet I had not taken my oil during that time, and I felt like I was eating way too much snack food.

Then I weighed myself again on August 7. 209.5. So I maintained during a nearly 2 week span of not taking my oil.

It's been 4 months now, and I've maintained my weight loss effortlessly. My waist is smaller (even pants I bought just a month ago are starting to look loose), and in the morning, after a good night's sleep and when I am well hydrated but not bloated, my love handles are just about nonexistent now.

Goal now is to continue losing so that those love handles are gone even at bedtime. Don't think I'll make my original goal of 185 by September 30, though. That's fine as long as I keep losing.

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Stephen said...

When the diet is working it is pretty much the same story month after month, a mix of appetite suppresion, plateaus and further weight loss, over and over again.

In many ways there just isn't that much to blog about on the diet, but I'm glad this blog is still here.

Miller said...

Yep, so true.

But I think it's nice for people to look and see that "Hey, he's still losing weight. He goes up a little, then stays the same, then drops a lot. I shouldn't get discouraged."

Occasionally something brilliant might happen, and then I can blog about it. Though you're right, mostly it's pretty boring.