Monday, July 17, 2006

New weight

Despite, or maybe because of, being sick Thursday and Friday last week, my weight has dropped to 211.

I took a whole week off at the gym due to travel and illness also, so that may be a factor. But also because I was sick, I was very spotty with the oil from Thursday until Today. I didn't notice an increase in hunger until Saturday, and then it wasn't too bad. Did have some cravings for sweets, which I haven't had much on Shangri-La.

Next week is vacation; it will be interesting to see if the change in food and schedule makes it easier or harder to lose weight and keep taking the oil that week.Technorati tags:


Stephen said...

Neat how things like that sneak up on you ;)

Lene Petite said...

I think that it will be very easy as our organizm gets used to new shedules very quickly, so I'm sure that you've got enough aspiration for achieving your best results!