Wednesday, July 12, 2006

3 months in

July 6 marked 3 months on Shangri-La for me. I weighed myself July 7. I was 213.5. That's up a pound from the week prior, however, I still think I am eating less than maintenance calories, and I don't seem to be losing strength in the gym.

I went off the diet a bit over the weekend, since I was traveling to visit my dad.
My sister commented right away how much thinner I look. She last saw me Memorial Day, so in 6 weeks I apparently look a lot smaller, even though the scale tells me I've been on a 3 week plateau.

My appetite remained suppressed over Friday, Saturday and Sunday even without the oil. Monday evening it returned a little. Re-started the coconut oil yesterday, little appetite all day.

I have less than 2 weeks until I leave for vacation, and unless I've had dramatic loss over the weekend, there's no way I'll make my goal of 200 pounds by July 23, but that's okay. I know I'll lose it eventually, based on Stephen M's experience as he got closer to his goal weight. It might just take a little longer than I thought originally.

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